Stray Dog Collapses And Starts Crying When She Realizes That Humans Have Come To Help Her

While on a mission to find a stray dog in Costa Rica, Tania Cappelluti stumbled upon another dog in need of assistance.

On her rescue’s Facebook page, Tania recounted how she and her team drove around in the scorching heat of a Sunday, tirelessly searching for the stray dog. She described the conditions as unbearable, as they drove on and on without success.

Suddenly, they spotted a small black dog sitting by the dusty roadside in the middle of nowhere.

As Tania approached the dog with water, the animal was overwhelmed with relief at the sight of her and collapsed onto the ground, sobbing. Recalling the moment, Tania shared that as soon as she got out of the car to check on the dog, the animal immediately fell to the ground and broke down in tears.

The dog, who Tania later named Gaia, was in a dire state, covered in fleas and ticks and suffering from severe dehydration. Despite her physical condition, Gaia’s gentle and loving demeanor shone through. Tania and her team gave the dog water and some food, but Gaia was so weak she could barely stand. Tania, a yoga instructor who also runs her own dog rescue called Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, shared pictures of Gaia on Facebook to raise awareness about the importance of rescuing animals in need.

After rescuing Gaia, she quickly connected with other animal rescuers across the country and was able to locate a foster home for Gaia in no time. It wasn’t long before a woman living in Costa Rica adopted her. Gaia is now happily settled in her new home and has plenty of reasons to celebrate. According to Cappelluti, “Gaia has found an amazing home in Puerto Jimenez with a wonderful lady from France. She lives in a gorgeous, comfortable house and has already learned how to give high fives!”

Says Tania, “Stories like this make us soooo happy!” Me too!

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