Baby Husky fails to wake up his siblings with adorable howl, warms hearts instead

You know, there has to be a pretty uncomfortable feeling when everyone around you is sleeping, and you’re just not in that mood. So why not waking them up? That’s definitely the kind of feeling experienced not just by humans, but animals as well. And no one knows it better than this adorable puppy!


While his siblings are all comfortably sleeping, this tiny little fella – who doesn’t seems like a big napping fan – wants to have fun. But it’s boring to do it alone, so he needs his fellow puppies to join him. And what better way to wake them up, then howling. Or, at least, that’s what he thinks!

As he stands there, in the middle of the litter, the tiny Husky tries to be as intimidating as possible, but he comically fails just as hard as he tries. Soon as he opens his mouth, the sound he makes is far from a Husky’s howl. But instead, I bet Chewbacca will envy him.


In the end, his siblings aren’t impressed either, because they barely move a paw at the sound of their brother’s howl, let alone to wake up. So the energetic puppy needs to find other ways to waste his napping time!

He may just failed to make himself a name in the litter, but the adorable Husky won many hearts instead, with his hilarious owl. He definitely impressed his owner, though, who caught the moment on video. Watch the funny scene, below!

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