Experts say this test is impossible but those with OCD scored 100%

In today’s society there is no problem to pass the time. In the good old days you could twiddle your thumbs, but nowadays many will play on their smartphone.

Still, some of us wants to pick up a classic puzzle book and try to figure out something that is next to impossible. Today, you could find many different types of puzzles – anything from Sudoku and word-finds to the crossword puzzle in the New York Times.

Personally, I think it’s a fantastic way to kill a few minutes on the Metro, if you also want to exercise your brain.

But some of my friends say that this test is impossible to figure out.

Apparently, you need to have OCD to complete this test. According to Playbuzz, even a mild form of OCD should allow you to fill in the blanks enough that you can read through it without any problem. This is a test that could sharpen the mind, as well as your eye.

According to the experts behind the test, people with OCD could score 15/15 on the entire test.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they have OCD, many of whom feel that they have it for personal reasons.

Are you curious? Give this a shot and you may have your suspicions confirmed. I’ve got 15 out of 15…

Only People with OCD Scored 15/15 In This Impossible Spelling Test


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