Imagine how perfect this world might be if we all help others in their time of need? It would have been a ideal world to live in. But, unfortunately we don’t live in such a fairy-tale world. Therefore the natural instinct to help is missing, most of the time. Many people freeze in emergency situations, or else respond too slowly to enable a successful outcome

Still, when it comes to acts of kindness, the world offers some incredible examples. It is also the case of this boy. Valerio Catoia, a young Italian man with Down’s syndrome who  has no issue at all with rushing to the aid of strangers. But, recently he was hailed for risking his life in the act of saving a girl who was drowning out at sea. He’s rightfully being celebrated for the hero he is …

The faith made him to be present in one day at a beach in Sabaudia, in the province of Lazio, Italy. He was enjoying the sunny day and the cool ocean with his father. Little did he know that events were to play out that would call for his abilities.  It was a perfect day to be on the beach as there’s wasn’t no wind at all and the things were really calm. But, suddenly Valerio and his father were hearing cries for help from two sisters, one aged 14, the other just 10. Apparently a  strong current was sweeping them out to sea.

Photo credit: Shutterstock (has nothing to do with the incident)

Despite his condition, threw himself into the sea alongside his father and began swimming to the rescue. He didn’t hesitate for a second. In moments he reached the younger girl and performed a rescue manoeuvre he’d learned on a course. He dragged her to the beach while keeping her head above water. In the same time, his father did the same with the older sister, according to ABC.

When they reached the beach the lifeguards assumed control of the situation. Make no mistake, though; it was Valerio and his father who saved the sisters from an extremely dangerous situation.

Overnight, Valerio became a recognized hero, celebrated in the press. But he remained the same humble, shy guy he always was. But people need to appreciate how kind-hearted Valerio is. He didn’t pause for a moment before rushing to the aid of two sisters who desperately needed his help.

He deserves all the praise he’s getting from around the world. It’s small wonder people are labelling him a hero! Well done Valerio, this world needs more people like you!



Nick Almasan – Nick studied journalism at the University of Barcelona. He is well connected with major news agencies and travels around the globe to research various news facts. He is a perfect photographer and an appreciated publisher in our media group. He speaks fluent english and spanish.