Baby seal accidentally scares a polar bear cub in cutest wildlife footage

In one of the sweetest videos the animal kingdom have ever offered, a polar bear cub is completely left in fear when a baby seal pops through ice, straight in front of him. Happened by chance – the moment was luckily caught on camera – and the Internet can’t handle the cuteness.


The drama unfolded in front of a BBC filming team. The filmmakers were recording for the Snow Bears series. Following a polar bear mother and her two tiny cubs, in their epic journey from the the Svalbard islands to the North Pole, the team witnessed an unexpectedly comical moment.

Soon as they reached the endless glacier, the hungry mother started to chase seals – polar bears main food source – hoping her two cubs will also develop their hunting skills. But the mother bear’s expectations are soon ruined as one of the cubs epically fails on her first lesson.


Inspired by the fearless mother, the cub seems more determined than ever to catch her own dinner, but only to fell on her back with fear, when a baby seal found its way through the ice just in front of the bear. Clearly, the little one didn’t expect to this.

BBC eventually decided to share online the adorable scene, and it gained nearly 15 million views so far. “A polar bear waits patiently for a seal, but her cub is taken by surprise when it appears unexpectedly,” they described the moment. Take a look:

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