Golden Retriever plays dead to avoid going home, goes viral instead

Elsie is an adorable Golden Retriever, yet extremely lazy, especially when she has to give up her daily walkings and return home. The hilarious pooch went viral a few years ago, when she simply refused to move while her human dad was desperately trying to convince her they had to get back home. Needless to mention the whole scene happened in front of a very crowded park.

Watch Elsie’s first viral video, here:

Well, apparently the stubborn dog decided to embarrass her dad once again. Just as previously, the moment was again, caught on camera and went viral all over the internet.

Mike Cook

What it should have been just a regular walk for Mike Cook and his famous Golden Retriever, Elsie, turned (again) into pretty awkward moment for the poor man. The two were peacefully walking on the Gold Coast’s streets in Queensland when the lazy dog decided enough is enough. In the next moment Elsie was playing dead on the pavement to the disappointment of her dad. More than that, like the neighbors and passerby’s amused looks were enough already, a woman caught Elsie’s hilarious act on camera and turned embarrassing situation into a viral video.


“We were just out with our neighbours one afternoon, having some drinks we were watching the dogs walking past,” Kayla Evans, the woman that caught the video and initially posted it on TikTok, said. “This man walks past and all of a sudden his dog just stops and does not want to move. It went on for a few minutes and it was just so funny, we were in tears we just could not get over it.”


The owner, visible annoyed, even dropped the leash and walked alone, hoping the stubborn dog will eventually follow him, but it didn’t happened. He then repeatedly tried to put Elsie on her four feet, but once again, unsuccessfully. Only when her exasperated human run out of options, Elsie decided it’s time to go.


Even Golden Retrievers are pretty famous for being stubborn, Mike admits his dog took it to a whole different level. “She is just a really moody dog,” Mike explained. “If she doesn’t want to do something, she won’t do it. If she’s not in the mood for walking, you’re just not going anywhere. She’ll just drop, play dead. There’s nothing you can do.”

Watch the hilarious scene, here:

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