Officers couldn’t stop laughing after finding the suspected home intruder is the dog

What everyone thought to be a serious home invasion, turned out to be nothing but a hilarious (and innocent) joke that sent into laughter even the deputies dispatched to investigate it. All after they realized the intruder was’t really an intruder, but the owner’s dog!

After an 18-year-old man called 911 to report that someone might break into his house, officers from Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office in California, arrived at the scene. As it turned out, the young man was home alone when his dogs started to bark desperately. Then he started to hear so very unusual noises coming from upstairs, so he has taken all the dogs – except one – and hide themselves, before calling the police.


“We came out and he’s all afraid, thinking there’s a prowler in his house,” the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Spencer Crum explained to The Dodo. “Several deputies arrived and went in the house, a couple of others stayed outside to search the exterior.”

The officers carefully inspected the residence for several minutes, but there was no sign of breaking in, let alone an intruder. But soon, they were about to find out who the culprit actually was!


“One of the deputies outside the house heard this scratching noise,” Spencer Crum said. “He shined his light around the house and saw this dog sticking his head out a skylight on the roof. The deputy said – and I quote – ‘At that point we ditched all tactics and died laughing.'”

Soon after, they all figured out what happened. The massive dog – a Great Dane – went exploring upstairs, but then he started to make lot of noise and that scared the young owner the his fellow dogs. In fact, the owner was so scared, he even failed to account the ‘tiny’ Great Dane when he and the other dogs hide. Then the Great Dane might wanted to get some fresh air, so he used his long legs to open that window.


“Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a reported prowler at a residence. They arrived and quickly caught the culprit as he tried to escape the residence through an unsecured skylight,” the department wrote on Facebook. Even officer Crum, who has seen a lot, was surprised by the outcome.

“I’ve done this job for 25 years, and there’s been a lot of strange calls,” he said. “A dog mistaken for an intruder in his own home? That’s pretty abnormal.”

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