The dog that has spent its entire life on a chain can now only walk in circles

Keeping a dog chained at all times can take an extreme psychological and physical toll on it. Pet dogs need to be free, walk, explore and also run. Unfortunately, there are people who are not concerned about the well-being of their dogs. The good news is that there are animal organizations committed to saving dogs from this as well as various other types of abuse.

Takis Shelter is one such organization. In this video, Takis Shelter staff are seen rescuing a dog named Frida. She was used to being chained and she could only walk in circles. Takis Sanctuary saves Frida. The video starts with staff discovering Frida chained outside. The little girl is clearly scared and confused.

” She will not bite you. She is so scared,” “Look how scared she is”

The Animal Welfare Society states that keeping a dog chained can have a significant impact on them. “Consistent chaining makes pet dogs aberrant, disgruntled, nervous, as well as usually also hostile,” as stated on the society’s website.

The dog gets a beautiful name.
Her rescuers found a very suitable name for her. They decided to name her Frida, similar to “freedom”.
“Freedom! Freedom for another dog. We must call her Frida.”
They realized that Frida was around 2 years old. Frida begins to recognize that she has the freedom she never had before. She can move, she can jump, Frida is free at last.

“Frida is so excited, friends, look!”

After actually being chained and only able to walk in circles for so long, Frida didn’t know any other way to move though. She seemed to constantly want to go into circles. It would certainly take some time before she will realize what real freedom feels like.

“She was constantly chained and she not walking great,” . “Look how she walks … She goes left and right like a boat.” “Take a look at her back legs. She doesn’t know exactly how to use them. She jumps, it’s like she’s dancing.”

Frida dances in circles around her rescuers.
In the video, a pleased Frida can be seen running in circles around the person holding the video camera, who is also narrating.

“She’s so adorable, she’s going around in circles” “It’s because the chain was attached to the same area. That’s why she doesn’t just know how to walk straight.”

Frida learns that she doesn’t have to move in circles.

The man was teaching Frida to walk straight and not in circles. It took some time, but the girl began to understand.

” You have to learn to go straight. This is it! Straight, not in circles.” “It’s incredible, friends. do you see She tried to walk straight and yet she assumes she is still chained that’s why she s walking in circles.”
It didn’t take long for Frida to start walking upright as well as having fun with the other dogs. What a wonderful job the Takis sanctuary did with saving her.

” She is an extremely energetic dog and full of life as well . She is always pleased.”

Frida finds a permanent home.

The video ends with a message saying that they are still looking for someone to adopt Frida. However, they won’t wait too long. Some people from Europe invited Frida into their family. Frida is moving to Denmark!

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